Paella Valenciana


This dish is probably our most popular paella, our chef is an expert in the art of making paella, and have been personally trained by the side of our Master Chef.

We invite you to try our delicious Paella Valenciana and so give a touch Gourmet D’ to your meet.

Saffron Rice with chicken, jumbo shrimp, scallop, mussels, calamari, chorizo, fish, olives, roasted red peppers and green peas.

*Paella includes House Salad, Spring Mix with Feta Cheese, Mandarin segments and Raspberry Vinaigrette or Classic Vinaigrette dressing plus Tostones or Fried Plantains and bread.

Number of Guests Price Each Total Price
Number of Guests Price Each Total Price
20 $16.00 $320.00
30 $14.00 $420.00
40 $11.50 $460.00
50 $10.00 $500.00
60 $9.00 $540.00
70 $8.00 $560.00