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We are about to take you on a culinary journey through our internationally and locally inspired menus. If you love food, you’ll love our menus as you take a peek at some, but not all of our culinary creations. The top Paella Catering service guaranteed, Paella Miami.

Chef Brian Catering offers a number of flexible catering and event planning solutions, from cutting edge to traditional for your entertaining needs. We will provide you with innovative luxury catering, event planning and production, décor, and flawless execution. We Know South Florida Like No Other Caterer.

An unforgettable event is approaching, take an escape from the ordinary. Let the Chef Brian Catering set the stage for your special day.


Savor the Difference

As caterers, our culinary vision is built on seasonality, service and taste – key ingredients of our custom menu creations. Clients who choose Chef Brian Catering hire a dedicated team to curate unique, restaurant level experiences for their guests. Food fashions change, but the top product quality delivered is constant. Corporate events, destination management partnerships, social celebrations, ethnic cuisines and kosher style catering – we build community around fantastic food. Have a seat at our table, we look forward to serving you. The Top Paella Catering service guaranteed, Paella Miami.


Paella Miami

As designers, we understand the role design plays in setting the tone of an event and creating a feeling. Our event design begins with YOU – understanding your event’s brand and purpose to help you achieve your goals, working with clients and their event planners to succeed. Each event’s needs are different, from simple centerpieces to room transformations, impactful branding and message delivery. Chef Brian Catering builds events “from the walls in”, taking into account the surroundings to give each event uniqueness and depth. The Top Paella Catering service guaranteed, Paella Miami.